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Euro Vending EOOD was founded in 2003, but the idea and realization of the project related to the production of paper cups came at a later stage of the company’s development.

Observing and analyzing the changes, trends and needs of the market made us pay serious attention to the “cardboard cup for vending machines”. We realized the need for it – a cup of paper for hot drinks that has to meet specific requirements.

We went on an adventure, ready to make all the necessary steps to create a specific paper cup for vending machines according to our ideas and vision, with the sole purpose of providing a product that meets some complex requirements. We have closed our circle of interests as much as possible so that we stay focused on our original concept, offering only a cup in two sizes: 6.5 oz and 7.5 oz. The main thing important to us is to offer a quality product made of high quality materials. A product that has only the colors and the desired designs without strictly defined frames and borders. This way we are able to respond to each idea or offer a solution.

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